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My work shows a myriad of colour combinations, depth and dimension that enlightens your soul.  My inspiration  comes from Spirit on the other side of life.

The message Spirit wants to relay with our unique artwork,  colour plays an essential part of our daily lives  –  colour to the soul is as important as food for the physical body is that the more colour we absorb the healthier and stronger of both body and Spirit we are.  This is why we often find ourselves attracted to the spiritual stimulus of colour.

One can immerse themselves in the detail of delicate movements of colour as it comes alive on the canvas, reflecting the way we should all live together - in harmony and with the environment.   Harmony and also serenity are essential in our daily lives, capturing and reflecting on the beauty around us.

The perfectly balanced canvases reflect the way nature must be balanced to thrive.   The health of our Planet is important in helping sustain the universe.

All of my designs have an energy which uplifts our spirit.

My work is in Private collections across Australia, USA and Canada also in Hospitals, Medical Centres and Child Care Centres. Reproductions of my work for are used for wall Decor and used on mobile phone‚ ipad etc covers. Biopak a environment friendly company use my design on their takeaway coffee cups.





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